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Since 2003, altamedia has been analysing client services of Swiss companies and supporting their teams with tailor-made, culturally relevant, training programmes. Customer relationship is our passion and over 20 years of experience has convinced us that excellent quality irrevocably requires professional, authentic and empathetic communication. This is achieved by companies that pursue a sustainable strategy by paying as much attention to the development of their employees as to the requirements and expectations of its clients.   

Quick and easy: Request your application documents via or directly via our contact form, fill them out and send them back by e-mail. Request your application documents quickly at! 

  • When you sign up for the Swiss Customer Service Excellence certification, you benefit first and foremost from an independent analysis of the quality of your customer relations.  
  • You will receive a comprehensive study report, a benchmark and a session to discuss the results, highlighting your strengths and development potential. 
  • You add value to the work of your teams. 
  • With the certification obtained, let your customers and future customers know that they will have access to an outstanding customer service. 

The Swiss Customer Service Excellence certification is accessible to all companies that market goods and services in Switzerland who allow us to collect real contacts (recorded phone calls, original Email and Live Chat transcripts) for an independent and objective assessment. 

 The main requirements for participation are : 

    1. To be assessable at least in one or all of the three service channels:  telephone calls, Email and/or Live Chat; 

    2.To have a system that allows to capture actual contacts (records, email…). 

  • The Swiss Customer Service Excellence methodology is based on the assessment of real customer service contacts. 
  • The three most important communication and interaction channels are assessed: telephone conversations, email contacts and live chat conversations (Messenger, WhatsApp, online chat). 
  • Each channel is assessed against a specific grid of about 15 indicators. 

Companies do not pay for our certification, but for the performance of an audit of the quality of their customer service. Regardless of whether they are certified or not, the price for the audit is the same. 

As with any company offering services, our prices cover the work of our project managers and surveyors. 

Not all companies that carry out a diagnosis of their customer service are certified: the Swiss Customer Service Excellence certification is only achieved if the assessment has an overall average of 80% or above. 

The Swiss Customer Service Excellence team is committed to meeting the requirements of the new data protection law. 

Beyond the legal framework, maintaining the confidentiality of the data intercepted/read by our evaluators is a priority. To this end, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each audited company.